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JICE Inc. is a company that succeeded its business division when the Japan Institute of Culture & Economics, the predecessor of the school corporation Gores Academy, became a school corporation. Therefore, its business content follows the business philosophy of Gores Academy and it has been located in Okinawa. We have been interacting with people from Asian countries and countries of the world through free exchange without any border/ We deliver “the heart of Gores” which is the origin of Japanese culture and develop various businesses to attract Okinawa. We have successful businesses on the establishment networks for attracting people from overseas, educational agencies, arrangement and supervision of student dormitories and accommodation facilities, development and sales of IT learning materials for Japanese language study and employment agencies for foreign workers etc.

Representative profile

Representative Director Nakada Shunichi

Graduated from Aoyama Gakuin University, Faculty of Economics Department of Economics, in 1962
Work Experience 1
April 1962
Ryuwa Trading Co., Ltd.
January 1971
Transferred to Japan Colgate · Palmolive Company
January 1986
Assigned to Colgate · Palmolive Company in the US
January 1984
Transferred to Japan Hills Colgate Co.
December 1997
Retired from Japan Hills Colgate
Work experience 2
July 1993
Established SANCELLA Limited as President and Representative Director
January 1999
The board of directors of Japan Institute of Culture & Economics
April 2014
Inaugurated as the president of Gores Academy
Established JICE Inc. as Representative Director
Inaugurated as the president of Specified Nonprofit Corporation Okinawa International Human Resources Support Center
December 2015
Established Okinawa Human Resources Cooprerative as the president
Other Experience
1960 (For two years)
Japan International Coalition Student Association International Relations Director
Awarded the UNESCO Scholarship Fund for Youth Leaders
Trained at the European Union Organization and international volunteer activities (6 months)
Captain, US Boys Scout Ryukyu District 222 troop
Chairman, Urasoe City Midorigaoka Housing complex residents’ association
June 2010
Inaugurated as a permanent director of Japanese Language Schools Association
June 2014
Joined All Japanese educational institution mutual aid cooperative association auditor

Business of JICE Inc.

  • Educational Agency for International Students in Japan

    Japan Institute of Culture & Economics has been accepting foreign students from about 30 countries for 20years
    Succeeded the business department at JICE Inc. after the establishment of Gores Academy,

    Gores Academy

  • International student dormitory management

    Supports learning environments for students such as enrollment, living, school attendance, communication, daily life, hospital, problem and consultation etc.
    Rental business of apartment and bicycle etc., attending to mobile phone, instruction of cleaning, manners and part-time job etc.

  • Oversea sales business
    E-learning for PC and mobile phone movies
    “Gores Nihongo Suisui”

    promotion of Japanese learning IT material, “Gores Nihongo Suisui” e-learning promotion of PC · smartphone · tablet

    E-learning system PC and smartphone

  • For overseas agency organization

    A letter of intention
    Agency Application Guidelines
    Business tie-up application
    Outsourcing agreement
    Required documents
    Required documents
  • Recruitment of specific skills personnel

    Agriculture, construction industry, hotel accommodation, nursing care, shipbuilding, restaurant service and manufacturing industry etc.
    (Scheduled to be implemented from April 2019)

  • About Technical intern training program

  • Japanese worker dispatch and placement business

    If you are Japanese who want a job, career change, short-time job , lifetime work or career progression please register and apply in Jobs for Japanese personnel.

Company History

1998 Established Japan Institute of Culture & Economics
Japanese language school for foreigners
2012 Changed the name of the company JICE
Turned the company into an educational cooperation due to divisionalizing Gores Academy as an
education division and JICE as a business division.
2012 Started general worker dispatching business
2014 Started fee-charging employment placement business
2018 Started the original Japanese learning IT material”Nihongo Suisui” oversea business
2019 Specific Skilled Human Resources Job Placement Business
High-tech employment Job placement business