Specified skilled workers

The New Status of Residence
(Specified skilled workers)

To the Owners and the Recruiters;
For those who have difficulty in hiring or communicating with foreign workers.

 The new system “Specified skilled workers”, its system is different for each industry.
We are here to support your organizations individually by utilizing your own characteristics.

 Also as a supervising organization (Okinawa human resources cooperative ),
we can give you practical suggestions of utilizing international manpower.
(including Highly Skilled Professionals and part time workers/Japanese language school students)

 We have 20-year-experienced Japanese language school “GORES Academy ” ( Japan Institute of Culture and Economics ) as under our group enterprise, We can support you totally.

GORES GROUP information

The New Status of Residence
(Specified skilled workers)

What is “Specified skilled workers”

The new human resource system has started in April 1st 2019. It is the system to help certain industries field who suffer from the serious labor shortage.

This new status of residence has made to deal with the serious issue of labor shortage especially in small and medium sized companies. It is to help the companies or the industry fields to secure them International manpower with the certain level of expertise, skills, and accepting someone work-ready for 5 years .

Specified skilled worker (Ⅰ)
The status of residence for foreigners who works for specific industry field that requires certain knowledge, experience, or the skill.

Specified skilled worker (Ⅱ)
The status of residence for foreigners who works for specific industry field that requires proficient knowledge, experience, and the skill.

The gist of Specified skilled workers and its Industries

The gist of Specified skilled workers (Ⅰ) The gist of Specified skilled workers (Ⅱ)
Period of stay Renewing every year, 6months, or 4months. The maximum period of stay is 5 years including all. Renewing every 3years, 1year, or 6months.
Skill level Confirm by exams.
(The exams are exempted for those who have completed working as technical internships(Ⅱ))
Confirm by exams.
Confirm by exams of Japanese language skills necessary for daily life and work.
(The exams are exempted for those who have completed working as technical internships(Ⅱ))
No need to confirm by exams.
family members
Not allowed basically Allowed if meet the requirements.
(Spouse/Partner, Children)
Support of the host organization or Registration support organization Applicable Inapplicable

The field that accepting the specified skilled foreign workers are 14 fields listed below, in spite of their effort to securing the domestic workers and improving their productivity, yet in a difficult situation in hiring manpower.
  1. Nursing care
  2. Building cleaning business
  3. Molding material industry
  4. Industrial machinery manufacturing industry
  5. Electric and electronic information related industries
  6. Construction industry
  7. Shipbuilding and marine industry
  8. Automobile maintenance industry
  9. Aviation
  10. Accommodation business
  11. Agriculture
  12. Fishery
  13. Food and beverage manufacturing industry
  14. Restaurant business

The requirements of organizations accepting specified skilled foreign workers

【The host organizations must implement the appropriate support plan】

  1. Providing pre-entry life guidance to specified skilled foreign workers.
    (Has to be done in a language understandable by them. Same for ④、⑥ and ⑦)
  2. Pick up and send off at the air port when entering and leaving Japan.
  3. Be the guarantor and support them to secure the housings.
  4. Provide the local life orientations during their stay in Japan.
    (Including support for opening the bank accounts and the contracts for mobile phone usage)
  5. Support for learning Japanese for their daily life.
  6. Consultations and dealing with the complaints from them.
  7. Provide the information and support for various administrative procedures that they must process.
  8. Support and promote for cultural exchanges between them and the local people.
  9. Assisting them to take over to other organizations if the contract of employment is canceled for reasons not attributable to their responsibility.

What The Registration support organization (JICE) can provide

  1. Advance Guidance
    After an employment contract, explain about working conditions, life details, immigration procedure, collection of deposits, etc. By face to face or through video calls, before applying for a certificate of eligibility or change of residence status.
  2. Pick up and send off
    * When the specified skilled workers are entering Japan, pick up at the airport and take them to the host organizations or the housings.
    * Send them off to the airport and accompanying to the security checkpoint when leaving Japan.
  3. Securing the housing, and support any contracts they need to procedure while their stay
    * Be the guarantor and secure the housings, etc.
    * Help opening the bank accounts, contracting for mobile phone, and other lifeline contract assistance.
  4. The local-life orientations
    * Instructions of Japanese rules and manners to survive, how to use public institutions, contact information, and what to do at the disasters.
  5. Accompany public procedures.
    * Accompanying procedures for residence, social security, tax, etc., and document preparation as necessary.
  6. Providing the opportunity to learn Japanese
    * Introducing and give information of Japanese language schools, learning materials, etc.
  7. Consultations and dealing with the complaints.
    * Giving the workers necessary advice and guidance in the languages that understandable to them of the problems in the workplaces and daily lives.
  8. Promote the cultural exchanges with Japanese
    * Exchanges with local residents such as residents’ associations, giving information on events such as local festivals, and assistance in participation.
  9. Job change support (In the case of personal reduction, etc.)
    * Assisting to take over to other organizations, prepare the letters of recommendation, procedure for using paid leaves, and any other administrative procedures, if the contract of employment is canceled for the convenience of the host organizations.
  10. Regular interviews・Reports to government agencies
    * The person in charge of JICE will meet regularly with specified skilled workers and their supervisors
    (at least once every three months ) and report any violations of labor standards.


Q & A

What is the minimum academic background?
No specific academic background is required. But needs to be 18 and above to be specified skilled workers.
Will organizations that have been registered as registration support organizations be published in public?If so, where it will be published?
The information of the registered organizations can be found in immigration office site.
How much is the relevance between the activities they have engaged in required when transitioning from Technical internships(Ⅱ) to specified skilled workers(Ⅰ)?
It is necessary to have the relevance between the occupations that they had engaged as Technical internships(Ⅱ) and will be engaging as Specified skilled workers(Ⅰ)

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