Foreign job recruitment informationRegistration of foreign agency institution

Registration of foreign agency institution

Required Documents for application are written below.

Application documents for the overseas employment placement business permission

Application requirements Application documents
1 When using an agency service outside the country, it shall not use anything other than those authorized for use of the agency concerned The agency shall be a business entity that received a license of business to send the partner country workers to Japan (the business name may be changed for each country)
2 In conducting employment placement business in overseas, it shall state in the application form or introduce employment as the recipient country to the country notified. Describe the recipient country’s name, institution’s name, business contents (whole project name of permit) etc. in the application concerning agency concerned
3 the agency shall respect the compliance with relevant laws and regulations of the immigration control and refugee recognition law, etc. and the laws of the recipient country
  1. Rationale for the permit of the recipient country Legal name:Article 30 of the Employment Security Law (case in the case of Japan)
  2. Article of the recipient country(in the case of Japan as below)
    Article 30 A person who intends to conduct a fee-based employment placement business shall obtain permission from the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare.
    (2) A person who intends to obtain the permission of the previous section shall submit an application stating the following matters to the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare.
    1. (I) In the case of a name or name and address, and in the case of a juridical person, the name of its representative
    2. (Ii) In the case of a juridical person, the name and address of the officer
    3. (Iii) Name and address of the place of business conducting fee-based employment placement business
    4. (Iv) The name and address of the employment placement officer appointed pursuant to the provisions of Article 32-14
    5. (V) Other matters specified by an Ordinance of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare
  3. Japanese translation of recipient country article
  4. A copy of the permit of the recipient country
4 Points to be noted
  1. The country name should include the name of the official name used by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Search by Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Country)
  2. If you are sending by a recipient country that has not been notified, conduct after notifying the application concerning the agency

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