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For International Students ·Technical Intern Trainees · and Skilled workers “Gores Nihongo Suisui” Japanese e-learning
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Suisui is an e-learnig material and easy to use. You can learn Japanese conversations smoothly

Developed And Supervised By Private Education Institution Gores Academy Japanese learning IT material
“Gores Nihongo Suisui”
Price list for E-learning materials (N5 Level: full course)

* End user (individual) benefits: Up to 50% cash back. (Conditions: You have to learn and work in Okinawa)
* Flow of Purchasing: Visit the website → Filling out the application form → Complying with the terms of use → Choosing how to pay /confirming the payment → Receiving ID and password
* In the beginning, the subtitles of the software will be available in English, Vietnamese and Indonesian. The other languages will be added as needed.
* The fees are subject to change without notification.

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“Gores Nihongo Suisui” e-learning
“Watch, Listen, Speak with Suisui and then Pass JLPT N5

We will give a personal user max. 50% cashback as End user support for (condition: you have to learn and work in Okinawa)

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